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Please find materials of interest from the IAOHRA Annual Conference held August 29 - September 1 in Mobile, Alabama. 

See IAOHRA Program Booklet (48 pages)

*See Resolutions Approved by IAOHRA Members at the 2010 Annual Conference

See photos from IAOHRA 2010 Annual Meeting. 

Presentation Materials

The material below was presented at the Directors and commissioners Forum on Sunday afternoon entitled “Strategies to combat the Elimination of Agencies or Reorganization of Agencies Due to Budget Cuts”.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee- FY2011 Strategic Operating Plan. Advocating for an inclusive community where trust, acceptance, fairness and equity are the building blocks for a community where people’s differences are acknowledged, understood and accepted.

Memorandum regarding FY2010 Annual Performance Reveiw to Curt Walton, City Manager and Eric Campbell, Assistant City Manager, City of Charlotte from WIll Ratchform from Willie Ratchford, Executive Director, Community Relations Committee

Human Rights Campaign Presentation Materials

Risa Kaufman, Human Rights Institute -Powerpoint Presentation "Advancing Opportunity and Equality Through Human Rights" (2010 IAOHRA Annual Conference)