Resolutions Adopted by the


August 7, 2012

Resolution #




Resolution 1

International Human Rights                  

To promote and encourage broader understanding
of international human rights


Resolution 2

U.S. Legislation against Hate

To stop the attacks on minority groups due to social movements not considered normal by predominant groups


Resolution 3

Restorative Justice in Schools

To decrease racial and ethnic is proportionality in school discipline and academic achievement by limiting ineffective approaches to school discipline and promoting restorative justice



Resolution 4

Fair and Comprehensive
Immigration Reform

To support just, fair and comprehensive immigration reform and to suspend the Secure Communities program


Resolution 5

Marriage Equality

To oppose discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people and to support marriage equality


Resolution 6

Full Implementation of the
Chisom Consent Decree

To support full implementation of the Chisom Consent Decree


Resolution 7

Disparate impact

Urges the swift approval of the Proposed HUD Disparate Impact Rule without further delay


Resolution 8

Racial profiling

To end racial profiling in the United States


Resolution 9

Expansion of the Right to Vote
to All Eligible Citizens and For
Affirmative Steps to Increase the Integrity of Elections

To Prevent Voter Suppression Tactics and Insure
the Rights to Vote


Resolution A

Resolution Honoring
Robert G. Lay’s Work on Behalf
of the Kansas Human Rights Commission

To acknowledge and honor Robert G. Lay’s distinguished career, support and service to the Kansas State Human Rights Commission, thereby contributing to the cause of civil rights and enforcement of Kansas Laws prohibiting discrimination


Resolution B

Appreciation to The Office of the Louisiana Commission on Human Rights

To Comment the Office of the Louisiana Commission on Human Rights for Hosting the 2012 IAOHRA Annual Conference


Resolution C

Appreciation to The Oklahoma Human Rights Commission (OHRC)

To Commend the Office of the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission for their Outstanding Achievements and Service to the Cause of Equal Opportunity and Human Rights


Resolution D

Resolution Honoring Rehelio A. Samũel’s Human Rights Work and Achievements in Kansas

To acknowledge and honor Rehelio A. Samũel’s distinguished career and contributions in the human rights field, thereby promoting civil and human rights