DATE: JULY 31, 2014

Resolution Form

The Resolutions Committee is pleased to invite you to submit resolutions for the 2014 IAOHRA Conference to be held August 10 - 11, 2014, in San Diego.  The Resolutions Committee will submit the 2014 resolutions during the annual corporate meeting scheduled during the Conference.

IAOHRA’s By-Laws require that resolutions be submitted to the Resolutions Committee for consideration before the meeting.  The Resolutions Committee is then required to compile a report outlining its action on the proposed resolutions.  For each resolution submitted, the committee may recommend the resolution favorably; make no recommendation; or disapprove the resolution (please refer to the IAOHRA By-Laws on how resolutions that are not contained in the Committee Report may be considered by the membership).

IAOHRA has adopted resolutions in the past that addressed broad civil and human rights issues.  Your assistance is needed in order to facilitate the development of resolutions that enunciate policy statements or require actions that are consistent with and advance IAOHRA’s strategic priorities, mission and vision.

Please use the attached resolution format and submit resolution proposals by August 6, 2014 to:  Jean Kelleher ( )

The recommended recipients should be identified so that we may disseminate the resolution appropriately, should it be adopted.

We also wish to commend the service and contributions of IAOHRA members, who because of retirement, resignation, or death, are no longer members of IAOHRA.  You may also submit the resumes or information of individuals you believe are deserving of recognition.

The committee appreciates the opportunity to present resolutions that further IAOHRA’s role as a leader in the struggle for equal opportunity, justice and human rights.  Thank you for your cooperation.