Membership Application Packet (PDF)     

Membership Fees and Instructions - There are two types of memberships (1) Voting member and (2) member. Anyone wishing to join as a voting (governmental) member or sponsoring (member) should submit the form below and mail payment to: IAOHRA, 444 North Capitol Street, N.W. Suite 536, Washington, D.C. Attn: Lonnie Douglas.

If you prefer you may print and email application form to

NOTE: Please submit required documentation with application. 

Head of your Policy Body
Geographic Jurisdiction (City/State)
Population Size
Budget for Current Fiscal Year
Law/Statute Creating Agency
Please Attach Statute

*Information not needed for individual membership.              


There are two types of membership to IAOHRA: (1) Voting Member and (2) Sponsoring (nonvoting) member. Anyone wishing to join should submit the appropriate form attached and submit the fee as listed below. All State, County and Municipal Human Relations Commissions join as Voting Members. The Commission only pays one fee for the actual agency (“The Commission”) based on the population of your jurisdiction. Then each individual Commissioner or staff member can join as an “Individual” (non-voting) member, for only $50 annually.


Voting Members: 

  • Must be a governmental human/civil rights agency
  • Each agency is a voting member of IAOHRA; any individual people in the agency can join as “Individuals” (see below under “Sponsoring Members”)
  • Annual membership fee depends on population of jurisdiction of agency as follows: 


Population of Jurisdiction

Annual Fee

< 75,000 residents 


75,000 – 999,999 residents 


1 million – 5 million residents 


> 5 million residents 


Sponsoring Members: 


  • May include individuals, non-profit communities or national groups or corporations
  • Sponsoring members are non-voting members
  • Annual Membership fees are as follows: 


Type of Membership Sponsor

Annual Fee



Non-profit community group 


Non-profit national group 






Anyone wishing to join as a voting (governmental) member or sponsoring (non-voting) member should submit these forms and fees, payable to IAOHRA to:

444 North Capitol Street NW
Suite 237
Washington, DC 20001
Attn: D. Micahel Lyles, Esquire




Questions and Answers About Joining IAOHRA   

Are you a governmental civil or human rights enforcement agency?
Does your agency handle human and civil rights community relations?
Do you handle diversity or equal opportunity functions?
Does your company support equal employment opportunity?
Does your group advocate for civil and human rights?
Are you an attorney focusing on civil and human rights?
Are you from a group that has historically been denied civil rights?

Who Can Join?

Any official human rights agency or private organization dedicated to the purposes and objectives of the Association can become a member of IAOHRA after meeting membership requirements.

How Do I Become A Member?

Basically, membership is available by application only. You may join by printing and faxing your completed application to IAOHRA. Your application will be submitted to the Credentials & Elections Committee for its consideration and recommendation, provided the application complies with requirements for membership as set forth in the association By-Laws. Also send in the appropriate fee, which is explained on the “IAOHRA Membership” document.  

What Do I Get For My Membership?

Members will have an opportunity to make valuable contacts, receive timely exchange of information and technical advice, receive updates on the latest developments through seminars and conferences, receive information on policies, practices, and procedures, and have formal representation before state and federal governments. 

Is Membership Limited To Government Agencies?

NO. Any person, corporation, labor organization, or other legal or commercial entity, dedicated to the purposes and objectives of the association may be eligible as a SPONSORING MEMBER. Sponsoring members are encouraged to support the work of IAOHRA by making donations or contributions to its programs and activities. 

Sponsoring members are non-voting members of IAOHRA. Individuals may join as sponsoring members, even if their agency or organization is already a member. 

What is Your Organizational Structure? 

IAOHRA consists of the Board of Directors, this includes the president, first vicepresident, second vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president. 

The Executive Board also includes the 4 regional representatives (Atlantic, Southern, Midwestern, and Western, as well as 4 Members-At-Large. 

Do You Have Any Standing Committees? 

Yes! Our standing committees consist of the following committees; conference planning, credentials and elections, federal liaison, membership, by-laws, resolutions, international, small agencies, training and development, marketing, fund development, issue development, and the task force on certification and training.