What is Your Organizational Structure? 

IAOHRA consists of the Board of Directors, this includes the president, first vicepresident, second vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president.  

The Executive Board also includes the 4 regional representatives (Atlantic, Southern, Midwestern, and Western, as well as 4 Members-At-Large. The current IAOHRA Executive Board for 2012 -2013 consists of the following:

Shawn Martel Moore, President (Ithaca, NY)
Jean Niebauer, 1st Vice President (Alexandria, VA)
Robin Toma, 2nd Vice President  (Los Angeles, CA)
Paula Haley, Secretary (Anchorage, AK)
Lonnie L. Douglas, Treasurer (South Bend, IN)
Leon W. Russell, Immediate Past President (Clearwater, FL)  


Raphael A. Maharaj, Board Member At-Large
Rue Landau- Boling, Board Member -At- Large
TBA, Board Member At-Large
Estrus Tucker, Board Member-At-Large 

James Stowe - Atlantic Region Representative
Bobbie Wanzo- Mid-West Regional Representative
Julie Nelson - Western Regional Representative
Beverly Watts, Southern Regional Represntative
Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall - Canadian Representative

Who Can Join?

Any official human rights agency or private organization dedicated to the purposes and objectives of the Association can become a member of IAOHRA after meeting membership requirements.

How Do I Become A Member?

Basically, membership is available by application only. You may join by printing and faxing your completed application to IAOHRA. Your application will be submitted to the Credentials & Elections Committee for its consideration and recommendation, provided the application complies with requirements for membership as set forth in the association By-Laws. Also send in the appropriate fee, which is explained on the “IAOHRA Membership” document.  

What Do I Get For My Membership? 

Members will have an opportunity to make valuable contacts, receive timely exchange of information and technical advice, receive updates on the latest developments through seminars and conferences, receive information on policies, practices, and procedures, and have formal representation before state and federal governments. 

Is Membership Limited To Government Agencies?

NO. Any person, corporation, labor organization, or other legal or commercial entity, dedicated to the purposes and objectives of the association may be eligible as a SPONSORING MEMBER. Sponsoring members are encouraged to support the work of IAOHRA by making donations or contributions to its programs and activities.  

Sponsoring members are non-voting members of IAOHRA. Individuals may join as sponsoring members, even if their agency or organization is already a member.  

Do You Have Any Standing Committees?  

Yes! Our standing committees consist of the following committees; conference planning, credentials and elections, federal liaison, membership, by-laws, resolutions, international, small agencies, training and development, marketing, fund development, issue development, and the task force on certification and training.