State Agencies

·Alaska State Commission for Human Rights 
·Arizona Civil Rights Division 
·California Fair Employment Practices 
·Colorado Civil Rights Division-Department of Regulatory Agencies 
·Connecticut Commission on Human Rights 
·Delaware Division of Human Relations
·Florida Commission on Human Relations 
·Georgia Commission On Equal Opportunity 
·Hawaii Civil Rights Commission 
·Illinois Department of Human Rights 
·Indiana Civil Rights Commission 
·Iowa Civil Rights Commission 
·Kansas Human Rights Commission
·Kentucky Commission on Human Rights 
·Louisiana Commission on Human Rights 
·Maine Human Rights Commission
·Maryland Commission on Human Relations 
·Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 
·Michigan Department of Civil Rights 
·Minnesota Department of Human Rights
·Missouri Commission on Human Rights
·Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission
·New Jersey Division on Civil Rights
·New Mexico - Department of Labor Human Rights Division 
·New York State - Division of Human Rights 
·North Carolina Human Relations Commission
·North Dakota Dept. of Labor - Division of Human Rights
·Ohio Civil Rights Commission 
·Oklahoma Human Rights Commission 
·Oregon Civil Rights Division 
·Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
·Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights
·South Carolina Human Affairs Commission
·Tennesse Human Rights Commission
·Texas Commission on Human Rights
·Commonwealth of Virginia Council on Human Rights
·Washington State Human Rights Commission
·West Virginia Human Rights Commission 
·Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor & Human Relations

Other State Agencies

·South Dakota Division of Human Rights 
·Anti-Discrimination Division and Industrial Commission of Utah

National Organizations  

·American Association of People with Disabilities
·British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal
·Nation Fair Housing
·Human Rights Watch
·Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
·National Urban League
·National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
·National Humanities Alliance
·National Council on Disability
·National Council on Independent Living Government


·Department of Education - Office for Civil Rights
·Department of Housing and Urban Development
·Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
·U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
·U.S. Department of Labor
·U.S. Department of Justice ADA Home Page 
·White House
·U.S. Commission On Civil Rights

City/Local  Agencies

·South Bend Human Rights Commission
·Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission
·Des Moines Human Rights Commission
·Iowa City Human Rights Commission

Ethnic Based Organizations

·American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
·Japanese American Citizens League
·National Asian Pacific Legal Consortium
·National Congress of American Indians
·National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 
·League of United Latin American Citizens 
·Organizations of Chinese Americans
·Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund
·Indian Law Resource Center

Other Related Sites

·Anti-Defamation League 
·About Employment Discrimination
·Leadership Conference on Civil Rights 
·National Organizations for Women 
·Society for Human Resource Management
·Southern Poverty Law Center
·The National Urban League
·United Nations Human Rights Website 
·University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

Canadian Agencies

·Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) 
·Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission   
·Manitoba Human Rights Commission 
·New Brunswick Human Rights Commission  
·Ontario Human Rights Commission     
·Canadian Human Rights Commission 
·Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission 
·Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission
·Canadian Human Rights Tribunal - contains information on the CHRA, the hearing process, current cases and all tribunal decisions since 1990.