Video Presented at the 2012 IAOHRA Annual Conference, August 6, 2012

Penn Program on Documentaries and the Law presents "Boxed Out: Criminal Records & The "Ban the Box" Movement in Philadelphia"

In 2011, Philadelphia passed a "Ban the Box" ordinance that bars employers from inquiring about the criminal histories or doing background checks of job applicants until after the initial interview. The video describes the problems addressed by the ordinance and other state and federal laws that prohibit employment discrimination against formerly convicted persons who find it difficult to support their families and contribute to their communities without a job. The video responds to the concerns employers raise about "Ban the Box" by offering the views of executives whose organizations have experience with hiring the formerly convicted.

This video was featured at the 2012 IAOHRA Annual Conference, August 2, 2012 by Rue Landau, Esq., Executive Director, Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations/Fair Housing