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The agencies listed in this directory are official statutory agencies charged with enforcing human/civil laws, rules and regulations and /or have the responsibility for monitoring, studying and or reporting problems and progress in the area of human relations.  Most enforce statutes prohibiting discrimination in one or more of the following areas: employment, housing, education, public accommodations, public services, and commercial transactions, including banking and lending practices. The statutes usually prohibit discrimination on the basis of racism, color, gender, religion, national and or ethnic origin, age, disability, marital status, and family/parental status. Some also prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, ancestry, place of birth, speech accent, political beliefs, personal and physical appearance, legitimate source of income, student status, military status, arrest record, prior conviction record, AIDS/HIV virus, culture, creed, genetic tests and or occupation.

Most of the agencies listed provide assistance to persons who believe they are victims of illegal discrimination.  The agencies also provide assistance to employers, landlords, schools, and other institutions in developing and taking action to prevent discrimination from occurring within their establishments. Many agencies listed offer training in the area of human rights and other community educational programs. The agencies may serve as resource centers for persons wishing to learn about or develop cultural diversity programs.


* Responsibilities for laws prohibiting in: E—Employment, H— Housing, and P—Public Accomodations, A—has responsibilities for dealing with Hate/Bias Crimes. C—has Community Relations responsibilities. L—facilitates landlord/tenant conflicts. Statutes also prohibit discrimination in other area(s) listed.

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