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IAOHRA is a private non-profit  corporation headquartered in Washington, D.C. The association was founded in 1949 in New York at the annual meeting of Human Rights Agencies from four states, which was referred to as the "THE CONFERENCE OF FOUR STATE COMMISSIONS." 

IAOHRA's is an organization whose members consists of human rights agencies. 

The goals of IAOHRA are:


  • To foster human and intergroup relations.

  • To enhance human rights practices under law.

  • To promote civil and human rights around the world.

  • The association has provided leadership in the development and enforcement of needed statutes and ordinances-local, state, and federal - to safeguard the human and civil rights of all people.

IAOHRA provides opportunities and forums for the exchange of ideas and information among human rights advocates.  Organizations and individuals are invited to participate in IAOHRA sponsored seminars and training conferences with professionals from all disciplines.  IAOHRA also provides advance training opportunities for its members and other concerned groups and organizations. 


  • to promote equal opportunity and equal treatment.

  • to provide assistance in the elimination of unlawful discrimination in employment, housing, education and public accommodations.

  • to promote affirmative action in all areas.

  • to coordinate member agencies' concerns and interest before all branches of the federal government.

  • to educate the public and private sector on human rights and civil rights issues.  

Member Services:

  • Quarterly member agency newsletter

  • Civil rights compliance seminars

  • Comprehensive training for agency personnel

  • Management training for human rights agency executives  

  • Updating developments through seminars and conferences

  • Clearinghouse information exchange

  • Federal and state liaison

  • Technical assistance  

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