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  • 2022 IAOHRA Resolutions
    2022 Resolutions I. Addressing the Racial Wealth Gap II. Resolution in Support of Voting Rights III. Racial healing through the exploration of Reparations for African American descendants of Slaves in the United States IV. IV. Resolution Supporting Reproductive Health Care in the United States V. Restorative Justice/Criminal Justice Reform VI. Preventing Gun Violence VII. Missing Indigenous Women/Human Trafficking
  • 2020 IAOHRA Resolutions
    See resolutions adopted during the 2020 IAOHRA International Human Rights Day Virtual Celebration / Annual Membership Meeting and Elections Resolution 1 | Hair Discrimination is Race Discrimination Resolution 2 | Bias Training, Courts & Schools Resolution 3 | Discriminatory Effects of the HUD Disparate Impact Regulation Resolution 4 | Racial Discrimination in Rideshare Services Resolution 5 | Mandatory Arbitration Agreements Antithetical to Civil Rights
  • 2018 - 2019 IAOHRA Resolutions
    No Resoslutions were adopted for 2018. 2019 Resolutions
  • 2017 IAOHRA Resolutions
    2017 IAOHRA Resolutions
  • 2016 IAOHRA Resolutions
    2016 IAOHRA Resolutions
  • 2015 IAOHRA Resolutions
    No resolutions passed
  • 2014 IAOHRA Resolutions
    No resolutions passed
  • 2013 IAOHRA Resolutions
    2013 IAOHRA Resolutions
  • Reolutions 2012 and Earlier
    2012 Resolutions 2011 Resolutions ​ 2010 Resolutions ​ 2009 Resolutions - Meeting Cancelled- No Resolutions ​ 2008 Resolutions 2007 Resolutions ​ 2006 Resolutions 2005 Resolutions


The IAOHRA Resolutions committee appreciates the opportunity to present resolutions that further IAOHRA’s role as a leader in the struggle for equal opportunity, justice and human rights.

IAOHRA’s By-Laws require that resolutions be submitted to the Resolutions Committee for consideration before the meeting. The Resolutions Committee is then required to compile a report outlining its action on the proposed resolutions. For each resolution submitted, the committee may recommend the resolution favorably; make no recommendation; or disapprove the resolution (please refer to the IAOHRA By-Laws on how resolutions that are not contained in the Committee Report may be considered by the membership). Recent Resolutions


See list of Resolutions Below:

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