Membership Fees and Instructions


There are two types of membership to IAOHRA: (1) Voting Member (governmental, commission, labor) and (2) Sponsoring (nonvoting) Member. Anyone wishing to join should submit the appropriate form and fee to IAOHRA. Click here for dues payment information.


All State, County and Municipal Human Relations Commissions join as Voting Members. The Commission only pays one fee for the actual agency (“The Commission”) based on the population of your jurisdiction. Then each individual Commissioner or staff member can join as an “Individual” (non-voting) member, for only $50 annually.

Voting Members:

  • Must be a governmental human/civil rights agency

  • Each agency is a voting member of IAOHRA; any individual people in the agency can join as “Individuals” (see below under “Sponsoring Members”)


Annual membership fee is based on population of jurisdiction of agency:

Population of Jurisdiction Annual Fee

< 75,000 residents                        $200

75,000 – 999,999 residents           $250

1 million – 5 million residents      $425

> 5 million residents                     $600

Sponsoring Members:

NOTE: For Sponsoring  Membership application click here

May include individuals, non-profit communities or national groups or corporations. Sponsoring members are non-voting members

Annual Membership Fees are as follows:

Individual Membership Fee           $50               
Non-Profit Community Group       $150             
Non-Profit National Group            $300


If you are paying by check mail payment to:

Angela Rush, Treasurer
444 North Capitol Street, N.W. Suite 237
Washington, D.C. 20001


Please included Agency Name and Contact Information with Check Payment.



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