IAOHRA envisions a world community where justice and equality prevail and all people appreciate and, accept differences celebrate diversity, and live in peace and harmony.


To promote civil and human rights to all people around the world.


  • We believe in providing education, services and opportunities for our membership to grow and develop in order to respond to local, national and international human rights issues. 

  • We believe that all individuals can help to achieve equality through struggle with their personal prejudices, by gaining knowledge and advocating for justice and equality for all.

  • We believe that an injustice to one is an injustice to all and embrace the ideology of unalienable human rights of all people.

  • We believe that human rights extends to social, political and economic rights.

Goal 1 -Public Policy Advocacy

To promote equality and diversity through public policy and legislation.

Strategy -Goal 1

  • Encourage development of public policy resolutions by affiliates for consideration at the Annual Meeting (Resolutions Committee).

  • Develop official positions on key issues (President/Board).

  • Work directly with Congress and federal agencies to promote issues (Federal Liaison Committee).

  • Promote efforts to combat hate crime activities (Hate Crimes Committee).

  • Work with United Nations and other international organizations to promote issues (International Committee).

  • Work directly and seek NGO status with state and local agencies to promote Human Rights issues (Regional Representatives).

  • Provide technical assistance to civil and human rights agencies to adopt enforceable laws to protect persons from discrimination and hate crime. (Technical Assistance Committee).

  • Report annually on outcomes and accomplishments (President, Regional  Representatives, Committee Chairs).

  • Develop a communication strategy (Communication and Public Relations).

Goal II - Organizational Development

To promote increased membership and participation in IAOHRA.

Strategy - Goal II

  • Develop a membership marketing plan (Membership Services Committee).

  • Ensure content of annual conference has relevance to members and potential members (Conference Planning and Host Committee).

  • Ensure wide and timely marketing of the annual conference (Communication and Public Relations Committee and Conference Planning Committee).

  • Develop and implement an effective recruitment and participation, member services strategies (Membership Service Committee). (First V.P.)

  • Provide supportive response to members whose existence is politically threatened (President and Regional Representatives, Technical Assistance Committees).

  • Report annually on outcomes and accomplishments (President. Regional Representatives and Committee Chairs).

  • Develop and implement leadership, mentoring and succession plan (Board of Directors).

Goal III - Coalition Building

To develop effective civil and human rights enforcement and advocacy through coalition building with national and international organizations.

Strategy - Goal III

  • Liaison with national and international organizations interested in equality (Liaison Committee).

  • Development partnership with other national and international organizations for the protection of human rights (Liaison Committee).

  • Report annually on outcomes and accomplishments (President, Regional Representatives and Committee Chairs).


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