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The Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School in conjunction with IAOHRA, under the auspices of the Human Rights at Home Campaign,  have created the following materials to support state and local engagement with the human rights framework. 


Using Human Rights Assessments in Local Governance: A Toolkit for State and Local Human Rights and Human Relations Commissions is a guide to using human rights tools to evaluate the human rights impacts of local policy, and enhance local decision-making.


The Toolkit

  • Describes how five jurisdictions are already using these tools;

  • Includes the complete text of equity and human rights assessments tools;

  • and discusses the value-added of a rights based approach to local governance.


The Toolkit offers guidance on how human rights and equity assessments can help to identify policies that perpetuate inequality and to mitigate disparities, as well as ensuring that policies and programs reach intended beneficiaries effectively. It describes the core components of human rights assessment and the concrete outcomes that result from their use.


Resource For Implementing Human Rights in Your Jurisdiction:


UPR Toolkit for State and Local Human Rights Commissions


Bringing Human Rights Home: How State and Local Governments Can Use Human Rights to Advance Local Policy


Risa Kaufman, Human Rights Institute –Presentation on “Advancing Opportunity and Equality Through Human Rights”.

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