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The Officers of IAOHRA are elected at the annual meeting and shall serve a term of two years beginning with the adjournment of the annual meeting at which they have been elected and until their respective successors are elected and qualified. 

The IAOHRA 2017 Conference is a gathering of the best Civil and Human Rights professionals in the United States and Canada.The Theme for the 2017 conference was “Entering A New Era: Uniting to Protect and Promote Human Rights for All”.​

Conference Agenda here.

Full conference program here.

New Officers Roster here.

IAOHRA Awards recipients here.

Resolutions Adopted here.



Race Counts: Catalyzing Actions on Racial Equity by your Government
Presenter: John Kim, Executive Director of the Advancement Project’s California Office

Report Of States: Taking The Civil Rights Temperature Across The Nation. This presentation will showcase how IAOHRA member agencies can partner with academia and nonprofits to develop a strategy and tool useful to them and their governments in identifying racial inequities that need priority attention for remedies and resources. The case study will be the Advancement Project’s Race Counts reports on major jurisdictions among California’s counties, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Orange County and San Diego. 



Northwest Justice Project: U-VISA Certification  
Blanca E. Rodriguez, Farmworker Unit Attorney

In 2000, Congress created the U-Visa when it passed the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, a form of humanitarian protection for victims of certain crimes who are currently assisting, have previously assisted, or are likely to be helpful to the investigation of unlawful activity by a law enforcement agency. The U-Visa encourages immigrants to report and assist in the investigation and prosecution of unlawful activity by providing temporary legal status to victims of certain criminal activity. Learn about how a civil rights enforcement agency can certify U-Visas when a civil rights violation is a crime.

Presentation and Handout

Including the Voices of People with Disabilities
Presenter: Sarah Haywood Eaton Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Washington

Including the voices of people with disabilities in civil rights investigations is critical to ensuring their rights to fully participate in social, economic, and political activities. This training will discuss ways to make investigation processes accessible to people with physical, intellectual, and psychiatric disabilities. We will share and discuss strategies for communication, accommodations to consider, and ways to improve accessibility of information about the complaint and investigation process.



NYC Human Rights Campaign Presentations: This presentation highlights a number of creative examples and videos released by the NYC Commission on Human Rights in accordance with various media campaigns. 




Report of States –Report of States: Taking the Civil Rights Temperature Across Jurisdictions
Presenter Kimberley Taylor Riley


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