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Welcome to  the International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies!

Thank you for becoming a member of IAOHRA! We're thrilled to have you on board and can't wait to get to know you. 

You will receive log-in information via email. Please sign-in to manage your agency dues, see account history and update contact information and change password.

Please take advantage of our Member’s Only section to see board meeting minutes, meeting notices and other member related information. 

Member’s Only Section Login  

If you have not yet logged into the Member’s Only section of the IAOHRA website. Please find instructions below.   

  1. Click on the green “members only tab: on the IAOHRA webpage ( to get to the sign up page. 

  2. Please enter the email address and the password you would like to use.  Your request will be sent for approval.

  3. Once approved you will receive and email that your access has been granted. 

  4. Upon approval return to the iaohra website click the "member’s only" tab again 

  5. On bottom of page you will see (I'm already a user, log in) 

  6. Click log-in and login using the email and password used to set up account.  


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